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Understanding Poetry and Rhyme

Poetry comes in two different styles. Those that rhyme and those that don't.

First, let's learn what a rhyme is. A rhyme is two or more words which end with the same sound, such as cat and hat.

The most common use of rhyme in poetry is at the end of each line, however many children's authors use it throughout the poem without limits. The first line with the second, or first with third. However, it may be done in any way you choose.

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The only real boundry of poetry is rhythm. As long as there is rhythm, it might as well be a poem.

Here's a poem to help children remember this:

"A Poem that Rhymes"
A poem that rhymes has no limit.
The lines that rhyme are not on a dime.
The first with second or first with third,
it is yours to choose and not to lose.
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