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PoemOfQuotes.com Tools

The "Writer's Tools" are elements which may help with creative writing and break writer's block or even an entertainment piece to check compatibility, send cards to friends or partners, or even generate a pen name. You can also check out one of the games or quizes to help you learn more about writing.

The tools are easy, yet powerful and most of all, fun!

Here are the tools:

Writer's Tools

  • Famous Poems Reworded - Change old writings by adding humorous or creative words easily.
  • Magnetic Poetry - Move words around to create a poem.
  • Dada Poetry Generator - Create a Dada poem by inserting text then letting the generator do the rest.
  • Poet Quiz - Find which poet your personality closely relates to.
  • Rhyme Generator - Find a rhyme to words by using the Rhyme Generator.
  • Pen Name Generator - Just type in your name and select your generator to see your very own pen name.
  • Create a Haiku Poem - A flash game to help children of all ages learn what a haiku poem is.
  • Line Generator - This tool randomly displays a line/meter which can be used in a poem. Use this line or change it to your needs.
  • Poetry Generator - Fill out the form and watch a poem be created using the words you chose.
  • Theme Generator - Randomly selects a person, place and action to create a creative theme for your writing.

Relationship Tools

  • Love Quiz - Test your love with this love quiz.
  • True Love Calculator - Test your compatibility with your current or upcoming relationship with this tool.
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